Sunnydale Farm JH Luke-  dob 4/3/19

Dam: Sunnydale Farm ZM Jasmine

Sire: Kyeema Ridge John Henry

Jasmine has a teriffic second freshening udder udder and a Junior leg. These kids are super level and flashy!
lan  Sunnydale Farm RJ Langston - dob 2/8/19

Sire-Dragonfly A River Jordan

Dam-Dragonfly HFX Carmen LA VVVE 89 2*M,

Carmen is almost 10 so decided time to retain a buck from her. She has been my once in a lifetime goat, consistently producing as good of better than herself. She has 4 finished daughters and 2 finished granddaughters.Love this buck super level and very dairy

ta  Dragonfly CP Taranis - dob 5/5/18 polled

Sire-Dragonfly SOL Capriccio

Dam-GCH Dragonfly HEL Sulis LA 92

Polled buckling from my favorite Nigerian breeder! This little guy will be busy fall of 2019!

new bu  Dragonfly A River Jordan- dob 7/12/17

Sire-TX Twincreeks PKM Avatar

Dam-Dragonfly SOL Sionainn LA VEEE 91

Pictures courtesy of Dragonfly Farm!
Stunning dam of my new buck Jordan!
Dragonfly SOL Sionainn  
cas  Lynnhaven MOK Ring of Fire- dob 3/12/2017

Sire- Goat-San In Memory of Karen

Dam- Lynnhaven BDH Heart On Fire

Exciting addition to my breeding program, thanks so much Nichole Nadeau!
mal  Lynnhaven KT Malakula Kiss dob 4/7/16- 

Sire- Kastdemur's Kiss This

Dam- Kastdemur's Island of Fire

Exciting addition to my breeding program!
ky  Kyeema Ridge John Henry- dob 4/25/17-4/5/19

Sire- Kyeema Ridge Banjo Patterson LA EEE-91

Dam-Old Mountain Farm Taryn Quinn LA EEVE-90

This one hurts, lost John Henry, under very sad conditions. He will be missed.
  Castle Rock Iceberg  dob-2/17/13 Sold

Sire-Castle Rock Harvest Moon

Dam-CH Castle Rock Black Ice 2015 LA 92EEEE
  Very excited about this new buck! I jumped at the opportunity to buy him, as I have had my eye on the Castle Rock herd for awhile. He is a gorgeous Kingwood red with striking blue eyes and his pedigree is, well decide for yourself, click on his name link...
Iceberg's breeder is repeating this pairing for 2017....
   Algedi Farm MH Zen Moon dob-4/14/11-12/30/17

Sire- Algedi Farm MB Manuka Honey LA 2010 88 VG

Dam- CH Rosasharn TL Zenith 3*D LA 2010 90 E
  Super excited about the genetic package this buck brings to my herd! Algedi Farm has done what I hope to achieve, have an incredible but small herd. So far 2 of his daughters have gone Jr. Grand!!!! Zen is the sire to the 2014 ADGA Colorama sale Nigerian doe Phoenix Farm Divergent!!

Lynnhaven WAA French Martini-dob 3/23/14- 3/15/17

Sire- Kastdemur's Wai'Ale'Ale
           2016 Elite sire

Dam- CH Lynnhaven KT French Allure LA EEEE 92
  Bit the bullet and got a well bred LaMancha buck from Lynnhaven, a result of an exciting AI breeding! Martini's does are gorgeous can't wait for them to freshen in 2017! Martini sadly blocked up and made the difficult choice to end his suffering after trying various things with the vet. He is collected so can use in the future and I still have 2 or 3 does freshening by him in 2017.
  LA 2014 VEc+=V
jeff la   Atwood Acres FT Jefferson dob-4/5/09 Sold

Sire- CH/PGCH Twin Creeks BW Fathom This *S 2007 LA 88

Dam- CH AGS Rebell Yell Liberty 2007 LA 90

Click on his name for a more detailed pedigree!
  LA 2011 +VV 84
  LA 2010 VVE 86
Description: There are several bucks out there related to Fathom and they consistently produce nice udders with strong medials and nice teat placement and who doesn't need help with that!! Structurally he is very correct. Jefferson has gone to live in NY but I will be using him for future AI breedings, so his presence here will be felt for many years!
  Photo courtesy of the Gould Family
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